Our containers are also highly sought after by commercial clients too. Containers work really well when converted and can serve a variety of purposes including site offices, extra office space, washrooms or even temporary accommodation on sites.

We have a dedicated team of onsite engineers to facilitate the shipping container conversion process, we can make sure that your container is fully operational for all client requirements.

Our expert team can install doors, windows and add plumbing and lighting to create a convenient and practical space which is extremely cost effective when compared to a permanent building. Containers are super easy to deliver, even easier to install and require little to no maintenance.

We also offer a new 20ft container in RAL, colour 6007 which is fitted with 10 vents and bamboo flooring. We have removed the double doors and fitted an ultra lath manual steel roller shutter for ease of operation and we can seamlessly fit these to any type of container.


These products are our standard sized containers and prove most popular for commercial use and self storage. Manufactured from galvanised steel, they can be secured with strong locks making them a highly secure place to store your belongings. When security is important these containers offer the strength and protection that you need. The 20ft shipping containers include storage capacity of 1360 cubic feet so there’s plenty of room to store all of your belongings. To give you an idea of the capacity you could easily store the contents of a three bedroom house. This is why these containers prove so popular and they are widely used throughout the UK by storage companies.


Our 40ft shipping containers work as the largest dry storage units, making them suitable for the most complex of projects. They can be used for both commercial and domestic use and they serve a practical purpose for storage if you are relocating. They have an internal storage area of approximately 2720 cubic feet so will accommodate the contents of a large house or office. As with the 20ft container, they are fully secure so your belongings will be kept safe for as long as you wish to store them. These containers are popular with shipping companies or those who specialise in imports and exports. As well as storage purposes, the containers can also be converted for commercial purposes such as canteens, accommodation or large offices. They are also stackable to create multi-storey buildings with internal and external staircasing fitted as required. Our dedicated team of technicians can coordinate the entire conversion project.


To find out more about our shipping containers or talk to us about our pricing and conversion processes, please contact our team today who will get you all the details.